hand build

by Greg S. Austin

My fave? And it comes with a story. I was in a pawnshop in Austin Texas. On the counter I saw a 1964 Fender Vibr Champ. The price was $69 year was 1999 . It was in immaculate condition. I put it on consignment in south Austin music on Lammar Boulevard. They called me up and told me they sold for $400 to Eric Johnson. With my cut I bought this quirky hand built guitar. I did some research and found it was built by a student at the Roberto Venn school. It had a 27.75 inch scale neck and the top was weird. It had no electronics. Just a jacked up version of a Howard Roberts hole in the top. I bought it anyway and brought it home. Moved to Delaware and met a young luthier. He took the neck and top off. Put a Les Paul scaled neck on it. Added a 4A flame top and the two mini buckers. Viola' before it was refine, I was offered $1500 for it. Now, I wouldn't part with it for all the tea in China. The young luthier moved to Austin Texas after completion. Within months he totaled his Mustang convertible. And died months later at 33 years old from his injuries.

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