Cheap Effects Pedals That Are Good!

cheap effects pedals?

Of course it's possible to buy cheap effects pedals!

Today you can buy really great boutique pedals. There is nothing wrong with that and if you own one you really like, that is super! But there is one thing about them: They are expensive...

Expensive doesn't always mean the best!

There are many good and cheap pedals for sale! Like I said before, personal taste is not debatable, so if you like the sound of your stompbox, just step on it and play! Expensive or cheap.

cheap effects pedals: new or used?

Many years ago I bought a cheap Boss SD1 Super Overdrive. I bought it second hand. Today you can still buy it new for $49,99!

And guess what?

I really like this pedal! I have it for 20 years now, and it always appears back on my pedal board.

It is solid, never broke down and it has it's own specific sound.

So if your budget is small, you can try this kind of pedals. And it's pretty safe to buy them used. Of course there is always a little risk when you buy a used pedal online on eBay .  But I can tell you that I have never bought a pedal second hand that was broken.

And I bought a lot of them the past 30 years!

Boss SD-1

cheap effects pedals: examples 

I will give you some examples of cheap effects pedals. You can check them out yourself if you are in need of one!

These pedals are all new!

cheap way wah

Vox V845Vox V845

Vox V845 wah is a good wah! It is a cheaper version of the famous V847, based on the same specs. You can buy it for $69,99!

Behringer Hellbabe HB01 wah

Behringer Hellbabe HB01 Wah pedal is a crazy wah! There are no pots in it so you don't have to worry about that anymore. You can buy it for $49,99

cheap delay/reverb

Behringer VD400Behringer VD400

Behringer VD400 "Vintage Delay" is really very cheap. You can buy it for $24,99! 

Behringer DD400 is a Digital Delay. You can buy it for $39,99

Behringer RV600Behringer RV600

Behringer RV600 Reverb is a cheap reverb pedal. It is a modeling effects pedal and it sounds great with many different reverbs in it! You can buy it for $49,99

It has a cheaper little brother, the DR600. You can buy it for $39,99, but the RV600 sounds better!

cheap filter

EH Nano Doctor QEH Nano Doctor Q Envelope Filter

Electro-Harmonix Nano Doctor Q Envelope Filter. You can buy it for $50,90

cheap distortion/overdrive

Boss DS-1Boss DS-1

A great and cheap distortion is the Boss DS-1. You can buy it for $49,00!

Behringer Vintage Tube Overdrive TO800Behringer Vintage Tube Overdrive TO800

The cheapest overdrive I could find is the Behringer Vintage Tube Overdrive TO800. It is a clone of the famous Ibanez Tubescreamer.

You can buy it for $ 19,99 new!

cheap modulation pedals

EH Neo CloneEH Neo Clone

Electro-Harmonix Neo Clone Chorus is a good analog chorus and affordable! You can Buy it for $64,70

The Electro-Harmonix Nano Clone is even cheaper! You can Buy it for $43,20

Behringer UC200 Ultra Chorus

Behringer UC200 stereo chorus is a very cheap pedal with good ratings!  You can Buy it for $24,99!

DOD Phasor201DOD Phasor201 phasor/pitch shifter

DOD phasor is a great analog phasor/pitch shifter. You can buy it for  $49,95

EH Neo MistressEH Neo Mistress Flanger

The Electro-Harmonix Neo Mistress Flanger sounds really nice. You can buy it for $79,90

china clones

And of course there is this other line of cheap effects pedals: The China Clones!

China is a serious player in this business. Low wages made it possible to make cheap products. The quality of the pedals is very good actually.

There is a great number of Chinese brands. Sometimes it is hard to tell if it is an origanal brand or an OEM (originall equipment manufacturer). Most Chinese brands make it possible for any company to put their name on the product and sell it. For example Harley Benton Vintage Overdrive pedals are made by Joyo and exactly the same as the Joyo Vintage Overdrive, only a different sticker.

Harley Benton Vintage OverdriveHarley Benton Vintage Overdrive
Joyo Vintage OverdriveJoyo Vintage Overdrive

Here are some examples of China Clones.  Behringer is originally a German company, but to day it is all made in China to!


Mooer has huge line of effects pedals (and amps to!). They have the Micro series, the Spark series and the Twin series. They also created a mini Wahter wah pedal which is pretty expensive (in Europe €119,00. In the States unknown yet).

The Mooer Black Secret Distortion is populair among guitarists. It is a China Clone of the famous RAT. As a matter of fact it includes the vintage RAT and the turbo RAT. Price in the states: $68,95

Mooer Black Secret DistortionMooer Black Secret Distortion

Mooer also makes multi effects and pedalboards.


Mini effects from Movall. The PlexiTroll for example. A plexi like distortion with balls. Price around $65,00 (Amazon)

Movall PlexiTrollMovall PlexiTroll


Eno another manufacturer of China clones! 

The DSO-2 is a Distortion Overdrive which is a clone of the Fulltone OCD.

Price in the States: $70,00 (

Eno DSO-2 Distortion OverdriveEno DSO-2 Distortion Overdrive

The TC-13 Myomorpha distortion is a clone of the RAT and the Turbo RAT.  It has the same specs as the Mooer Black Secret Distortion.

Price in the States :$ 31,00 (Amazon)

Eno Myomorpha distortion TC13Eno Myomorpha distortion TC13


Serious series of effects pedals! The Tube Sound Overdrive is a China Clone of the Ibanez Tubescreamer. Price around $27,90 (

XinSound Tube Sound OverdriveXinSound Tube Sound Overdrive


Biyang comes with with different pedal series: Babyboom series, Classic series and the Tonefancier series.

The Biyang Mad Driver is a populair overdrive in the Babyboom series. It is based on the Tubescreamer, but with some extra's. It has three modes: 

  1. Normal - Classic Tube Screamer
  2. Bright - more trebly attacking sound
  3. Warm - fuller more modern sound
Biyang OD-10 Mad DriverBiyang OD-10 Mad Driver

Price in the States: $49,99

Biyang builds amplifiers to. Known as the Wangs Amps.


Good looking mini pedals. Analog and digital. You can buy this analog Chorus for $28,65 at Amazon

Rowin ChorusRowin Chorus

For all the pedals there is a nice Effect Case for sale

Rowin Effect CaseRowin Effect Case


Another chinese manufacturer. The pedals are cheap but of good quality, great for guitarists with a low budget.

Joyo Digital DelayJoyo Digital Delay

This Digital Delay cost arround $40,00 (you can find it on Amazon)


Manufacturer since 2010. Really affordable pricing.

Caline Pure Sky Overdrive CP-12 . Price in the States $30,00 (Amazon)

Caline Pure Sky OverdriveCaline Pure Sky Overdrive CP-12

Have a tip about a cheap effects pedal?

If you have any comment or you want to share your cheap effects story with us. Feel free to share it here!

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