Electric guitar, what a fine instrument! 

A fine instrument it is indeed! If you want to buy an electric guitar,  be sure you know what you want. Most people already have a favorite guitarist or music style. That is a good starting point!

Find out what guitar is used in your favorite music. Or what guitar is used by your favorite gitarist. Is that the sound you are looking for?

If you are a beginner guitarist or you just have a small budget you might want to look for a cheap guitar that is good. If you can afford it, you might want to buy the best electric guitar that you can find. 

For kids there are special 'kids electric guitars'.

Electric guitar, the instrument that changed music 

Somewhere in 1931 the first electric was invented. It was needed because guitarist wanted to be heard in big bands. 

The idea was born to use an electric magnet to create sound that could be heard through an amplifier. In those days all amps were tube amps

Muddy Waters

In the 50's and 60's it had great influence in music. Blues, Rock & Roll, Country, Jazz! The guitar had a big role in it. Guitarists from those days are still a great inspiration for the guitarists of today. BB King, Albert King, Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix..... you name it!

guitar and tone

When you plug a string it starts to vibrate. This vibrations will resonate  through the entire guitar which will create a specific sound.

You can say that every part which is attached to your guitar has an influence on the instruments tone. Some more than others of course. 

Its specific anatomy, the type of wood and how your guitar is constructed, it all has influence on how your guitar resonates!

It affects the way its vibrations wil be delivered to the pickups, the way it sustains and if your guitar will sound bright or dark.

guitar types

Basically there are three types of guitars

  1. hollow-body guitars
  2. semi-hollow body guitars
  3. solid-body guitars

And of course every type has its own specific tone.

guitar construction

As said before, the construction of your guitar is important for its tone. There a three ways a solid body guitar can be constructed

  1. Set Necks
  2. Bolt-on necks
  3. Neck through

The construction of the neck affects the sound of your guitar but the neck itself is even more important! 

guitar pickups

Last, but not least: the pickups!

How would your guitar be electric without a pickup!?

There are different kinds of pickups like single-coils, P90s and humbuckers and there are a lot of different pickups for sale. For some guitarist it can be a real quest to find the one they really like!

Pickups have one purpose:

They transform the vibration of the strings into a different form of energie: electricity! So the sound of a guitar can be amplified!

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