Cheap Electric Guitars For a Small Budget

Electric guitars can be expensive, especially if they are custom made or a collectors item. But for a small budget there are some cheap guitars to buy. If you have a little bit more money to spent some affordable guitars can also be found

I went out to the local guitar shop to check some cheap electric guitars for you.  The owner showed me the three cheapest guitars:

After drinking a nice cup of coffee I tested the three guitars and here is my review:

  1. Career telecaster model €145,00
  2. SX stratocaster model € 100,00
  3. Stagg stratocaster model €145,00

left to right: Career, SX and Stagg

Career tele

The maple neck of the Career is thicker then the two Strats. It felt pretty good. The guitar had new strings, but after some tweaking they stayed in tune. 

The edges of the fret wire felt a little sharp. This is something that can easily be improved. In a guitar shop they will do it for you.

The sound of the Career is surprisingly good. It has a tele twang in it and enough sustain. 

The volume and tone pot are working well and so does the pickup switch.

The playability of the Career is good. It looks great and is easy to tune. It is worth the money!

SX standard series

The SX is a stratocaster model. It has three single coils in it and a whammy bar. On the headstock is written "custom handmade". Well, I have my doubts....

The neck is flat and easy to play. The fret wire is thick. They look like jumbo's to me.

It is difficult to tune the guitar.  When it is in tune on the fifth fret, it is out of tune on the first one. After bending the strings it is quickly out of tune to.

The whammy bar felt a little cheap. The guitar won't stay in tune when I used it . The volume pot and tone pots are working well and so does the pickup switch.

Because of the single coils it sounds like a Strat, but it is not so sparkling.


The Stagg is a stratocaster model to. It has three single coils in it and a whammy bar. The play board and single coils are cream colored. It looks a little aged which is nice.

The neck is more C shaped than the XS. It is easy to play on it.

It is easy to tune tune the guitar and it stays in tune pretty good. The whammy bar works well. The guitar won't stay in tune by using it.

The sound is better than the SX.  It sounds like a strat and is more sparkling. The sustain is good. 

advise about cheap electric guitars

Well, it is possible to buy a cheap electric guitar. If you buy one of this guitars in a webshop you get them even cheaper.

I would not recommend that though! It is better to buy it in your local guitar store. Why?

  • You have to feel the guitar before buying it
  • If you buy it in a guitar shop, they will set up the guitar so everything works well

If you buy a guitar in a webstore you have to set up the guitar yourself. If you don't know how to do that, you will probably end up in a guitar shop after all. That will cost you money. If you buy a guitar in your local guitar shop, they will set up your guitar for free!

Of the three guitars that I reviewed, the Career was the best one. This doesn't mean that all the Careers are good! It is possible that you find a XS that is great and a Career that is not that good, which is another reason to go to a guitar shop and try them yourself.

If you don't know so much about guitars, it 's a good idea to take someone with you who does..


Lets have a look at affordable electric guitars. A bit more expensive than the cheap ones, but price around $500,00

Guild Starfire 1 series

Guild is a historic guitar manufacturer in the USA. The new Starfire series gives you the possibility to buy a professional instrument at a very affordable price.  It comes in two shapes:

  • Double Cut body shape (DC)
  • Single Cut body shape (SC)

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