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"Nothing beats a good sounding electric guitar. A big fat tone and highs that give you chills! All guitarists want a good tone and sound right. It is the passion that we all share. "

Welcome and thank you for stopping by my site! My name is Martin. The passion for electric guitar made me build this website. 

It is a guide if your on a quest for tone, or just looking for information about amps, guitars, tubes and other accessoires. 

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Multifunction, Dual-Stereo Reverb Pedal

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JEFF BECK!Living Legend, Live at the Hollywood Bowl on August 10 together with Buddy Guy!

Posted by abouttone.com on Monday, 15 February 2016

The Quest For Good Tone

Good tone. We want it! We talk about it and we are searching for it...and some may have found it! But how can we define it? Are we all talking about the same thing?

Tone is also a matter of taste of course. It is like cars. Some like a Porsche others are into Corvette. But they are good cars! 

So how about good tone? It is a very difficult question! It is everything a guitarist puts into his (or her) sound! That means  guitar amplifiereffects pedals, electric guitar, the use of fingers, emotion........everything!!

That is why you sound different on the same guitar and amp then someone else! You are a unique player and your playing technique influences your tone a lot!!

Electric Guitar, Amplifier, Effects...
What To Choose?

First you must have some kind of sound in your mind! Cause you have to know what you want!

Then try to nail it! Here starts your search.. there is enough gear to choose from out there…enough to get confused….!

It can be nice to have GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) in search of electric guitar things.. but I remember I ended up with four overdrive pedals that all sounded about the same.

if you can't choose..buy them all!! (Joe Bonamassa)

Keep Things Simple

The best advise I can give you is to keep things simple. To get the tone you like, you just have to follow some logic steps:

  1. know your budget
  2. know what guitar you need for it
  3. know what amplifier you need for it
  4. add your flavor with effects
  5. work on your playing technic

Well.. that looks simple, doesn't it?

If you follow these 5 steps, you are one step ahead! But don't forget: tone comes from your fingers also! Step 5 is a really important one!

If Jeff Beck plays on a Marshall or on a Fender Twin, you wil still hear that it is Jeff Beck! 

small budget

 If you have a small budget (hey, not everybody has a large salary yet!) I will also have a look at cheap electric guitars, cheap guitar amps and cheap effects pedals that are good. Believe me, there is a lot of good stuff that is affordable with a small budget!