Cheap Guitar Amps

If you have a small budget, there are some good and cheap guitar amps out there!  I checked the cheapest I could find to see if they are any good:

  • cheap practice amp
  • cheap solid state amp (transistor)
  • cheap hybrid amp
  • cheap guitar amp with modeling
  • cheap tube amp

I also looked at the I-rig. It is a very easy tool for people who own an Ipad or Iphone.

cheap practice amps

If you use the amp only for practicing at home it is wise to buy a small amp. Lets say up to 15 watts (believe me 15 watt amps can be loud!!). I reviewed the following cheap guitar amps that are good for practicing: 

Bugera V5

The cheapest tube amp I could find ($197,00, €177,00).

It is a 5W amp with build in attenuator to play on soft volume (0,1W, 1W or 5W).

It has a 12ax7 tube in the preamp. The power amp is loaded with EL84.

8" speaker 30W

This amp has a line out and a speaker out. So you can connect a extern cabinet to it (main speaker will switch off automatically).

Four control knobs: gain, tone, volume and reverb.

cheap guitar amps with modeling (modeling amp)

There a two cheap guitar amps with modeling that are worth mentioning (this amps are solid state):

  1. Fender mustang II (V2)
  2. Peavey Vypyr VIP II

Both amps are also available in 20 Watt. They are a little cheaper, but personally I prefer 40 Watt. It's nice to have a little more power when you play in a band.

Fender Mustang II

The Fender Mustang II is a very populair amp. Loud enough to play in a small pub.

Peavey Vypyr VIP II guitar amplifier

It is cheap for what it does ($129,00 €164,00) and sounds great!

It is a 40 Watt amp with a 12" speaker. Enough power to play with band!

My review on Youtube will be available soon!

cheap solid state (transistor)

Fender champion 40

If you want to play with a band, or live on stage Fender Champion 40 could be it for you! 

cheap hybrid amp

This amps are called hybrid because they have a tube preamp and a solid-state power amp or a solid-state preamp and a tube power amp.

Bugera BC15

price about $150,00, €116,00.

Some people think it is full tube but it isn't! 

The preamp is tube (12AX7), the power amp is solid state.

Great for practicing at home or for rehearsals. It is 15 Watt, but loud!! I think it sounds great! It has a 30W 8" speaker in it that handles high volume well!

The clean sound is well balanced and sparkling. It has nice tube sound in it! If you use more gain you get a real good overdrive sound. It has a shift knob, but I didn't use it. It changes the sound a bit, but for me it sounds fine without it.

Very nice that you can connect a cd player to it an play along with your music. It is also possible to play with headphones.

The amp looks solid and vintage.

To bad that it has no footswitch and you can't connect a second speaker cabinet to it. But for this price it is probably the best you can get in hybrid!

cheap tube amp

Ibanez TSA 30

After some searching my eyes felt on an Ibanez amp! It is the Ibanez TSA30 Tube Screamer Amp. 

It is a 30 Watt full tube amp. The famous tube screamer pedal is built into the circuitry of this amp.


The iRig is no amp at all. But it's worth mentioning. If you own a Ipad or Iphone, the iRig might be interesting for you!

It is an easy and cheap device (about €25,00, £22,00, $25,00). Just plug the iRig into the Ipad. Connect your guitar cable to the Irig and hook on your headphones to.

By downloading the free software you can use an amp and some stomp boxes and play with headphones.

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