Cheap Guitar Amps Reviews

On this page you will find my reviews:

Cheap guitar amps: Fender Frontman 10G, Fender Mustang II, Fender Champion 40, Behringer V-tone GM108, Ibanez TSA 30

Review Fender Frontman 10G

The Fender Frontman is a small 10 Watt practice amp. Loaded with a 6 inch speaker and has a closed back for better bass response! 

If we are talking about cheap guitar amps, this amp is really cheap for what it does!

price in the States: $59,99

price in Europe: €55,00

This amp is easy in use. There are four control knobs on it: Gain, Volume, Treble and Bass. The gain circuit can be activated by a little switch. 

It has a 3.5 mm input jack for your CD player, so you can play along with your music.

It is also possible to plug in your headphones. If you plug in your headphone, the speaker will turn off (your neighbours might like that).

Review Behringer V-Tone GM 108

The Behringer V-tone GM 108 is a 15 watt practice amp loaded with a 8" 20 watts Bugera speaker (don't let the 120 Watts full you!).

It looks like this amp is hard to get this days, but I found some:

price in the States: $24,99 (used)

price in europe: €77,00 (backorder)

The modeling is done by three knobs: AMP, MODE and SPEAKER. You can choose between:

  • three different amp sounds
  • three different speaker simulation models
  • three gain modes.

So you have 27 possibilities!!

Tone controls are: LOW, MID and HIGH. The DRIVE control regulates how much distortion you produce. The MASTER controls the overall volume of the amp.

You can hook up your CD player or other device on the CD player input. That way you can play along with your favorite music.

You can connect your headphone to play in silence.

Fender Mustang II V2

Fender Mustang II is a 40 Watts modeling amp with a lot of possibilities to create your own sound.

Price in the states: $199,99

price in Europe: €185,00

Fender Champion 40

Fender champion 40 is a great amplifier and loud enough to do small gigs and rehearsals!

price in the States: $179,99

price in Europe : € 175,00

The amp is 40 Watts with a 12" speaker. It good for all kinds of music (blues, jazz, metal etc.).

To bad that the amp comes without footswitch. That means you have to buy one yourself if needed. You can find the footswitch here. Price is $25,00

Ibanez TSA 30

Ibanez TSA 30 is a 30 Watt full tube amp. The famous tube screamer pedal is built into the circuitry of this amp.

price is the States: $599,99

price in Europe: € 520,00

The Tube Screamer Amp comes without a footswitch. You can find an Ibanez footswitch here (TSA 15 and TSA 30 models).

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